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Scent of Magic  (Healer #2) - Maria V. Snyder Well, what can I say! WOW, Maria V Snyder has written another awesome action packed romance. As with all of Maria Snyder’s books, they are awesomely written and highly addictive that you cannot put them down and Scent of Magic is no exception. The characters are evolving with each instalment and you can’t help but love Avry and Kerrick; oh and of course the monkey’s and Bellen.After escaping Tohon and discovering the secret of the Peace Lily, Avry is on a mission to help Estrid’s army in order to defeat Tohon’s undead abominations. Leaving Kerrick went against all of her instincts now that they have discovered their love for each other, but they had to go separate ways in order to complete their own missions. Avry wanted to make amends with her sister Noelle after their last encounter and her betrayal, but Avry is determined to forgive Noelle.Avry has some help from one of her old friends and disguises herself. She gets recruited into Estrid’s army as a Sergeant (under some interesting circumstances, she is allowed to be an officer and not an entry level private) and Avry wants to teach the patrols how to be silent in the forests.The other Sergeant’s question Avry’s admittance, but after their first training session, they understand how she will be of help to them. The training goes along each day, the groups are all taught to go silently in the forest and Avry starts to make friends amongst the other Sergeants.Kerrick meanwhile is on his own mission and takes a small portion of Prince Ryne’s army to his home in the Alga Realm. They are attempting to deter the Northern Tribes from starting their own war and taking over the realms. Kerrick is captured and so is Danny, a young boy that Avry rescued and has potential for healing abilities. They have their own problems to sort out and to try to escape back to Prince Ryne and Avry.King Tohon has set a trap; can they all escape again with their lives in tact? Will Avry and Kerrick be together again? Can Prince Ryne defeat Kind Tohon with all his strategic mastery? Will Avry work out how to use the Death and Peace Lily’s toxins to her advantage? Will Avry and Noelle forgive each other?Follow Avry and Kerrick’s journey with the two POV’s and their adventures with their respective missions. They will make new friends, find some that will betrayal them, discover what grief really feels like and the wonderful feeling of love. Scent of Magic leaves major cliffhangers and leaves me wanting Taste of Death, book three, now, but it’s not due out until December. Can Kerrick and Avry ever be happy and have a life together without the hassles of being hunted down, captured and tortured. I surely hope so!