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Hooked - Liz Fichera I had seen this book all over the blogosphere and thought I had better check it out. The synopsis was intriguing and I thought it would be a fantastic young adult read that goes through all the typical teenage issues and some not so typical. I haven’t read a sports themed book for a while and being a lover of golf myself, thought it would be fun. Hooked was a great read and the writing style of the author was fantastic; I couldn’t stop turning the pages.Frederika ‘Fred’ Oday is from the wrong side of Pecos Road, or so she thinks. Being an Indian and living on the Reserve all her life, Fred had aspirations to be the first in her family to head off to college with a golf scholarship. Her Dad works at the local golf course and every Saturday she heads to work with him and uses the driving range. Her long and short game is fantastic and the best the Coach of her high school has ever seen. Going to the white rich people’s school has its issues, but Fred had worked a way around it, being invisible. Until the Coach was adamant that Fred had to be on his Varsity Golf team. Fred wasn’t sure if she should accept his offer, but in the end if she wanted to go to college she needed this opportunity to help get her there.The next day at school, there were whispers about some Fred person joining the team. Fred didn’t know what to think and just kept to her invisibility guise to ignore it all. Ryan and Seth have been best friends since, forever and now that Seth has been kicked off the Golf team, he is distraught. How could they kick him off and why is some person called Fred allowed on without even having a try out? Seth is out for revenge! That first practice session, Fred showed off her driving skills and the boys were shocked. Ryan is astounded to think a girl had taken Seth’s place and knows Seth will not be happy to find out that one, it’s a girl and two, she is Indian.The more Ryan and Fred get to know each other, feelings arise. Being the best pair on the Golf team, they were always paired together during the tournaments. The more time they spent together, Ryan felt protective of Fred. But somebody is determined to destroy Fred’s game with sabotage.Is Ryan just trying to annoy his parents by getting friendly with Fred? Can Seth get over his obsession with Fred taking his spot and his friend? Will Fred be able to overcome her social standing ideals and let her feelings rule? Can Fred and Ryan really be together as a couple? What about Ryan’s so called girlfriend?This has a fantastic story that anybody can follow their dreams and overcome whatever obstacles get thrown in their path. Fred is such a strong protagonist, but has her flaws and concerns. She is embarrassed about her family and learns that not everybody is perfect and that most families have their own embarrassing qualities. I loved the golf lingo and it makes me want to go have a game. I loved this book and how much the characters changed and evolved throughout. It will be interesting to see what happens in book 2, Played, I can only find that it is about Riley (Ryan’s younger sister) and Sam (one of Fred’s friends from the Rez). Overall, I recommend this to all young adult contemporary fans.