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What's a Witch to Do? - Jennifer Harlow This sounded like such a fun read when I checked it out on NetGalley and I hadn’t really heard anything about it, so I though OK I’ll give it a go. WELL, it was so fun and funny and romantic. Jennifer Harlow certainly knows how to create characters that say “HEY, I’m here and my story is cool!” The atmosphere and world building that Jennifer has created was fantastic and so much fun to read.Mona McGregor has always been a witch and since her Grandmother died, she took on the role at High Priestess to the coven in Goodnight. As a 35 year-old single woman, she is too busy to be thinking about relationships and only has time for her coven, her business and her 2 little nieces. Mona’s sister turns up one day and dumps the little girls with her and just leaves; ever since Mona has to provide for them and take care of them, but she loves them to death.One night Mona awakens with a banging on her front door. Upon opening the door, she finds a werewolf that is beaten within a breath of his life. Adam claims she is in danger and that she must help him. Knowing Adam from when they were teenagers, she knew that she had to help him and find out what on earth is going on.Adam is touch and go for a while, but when he is recovered, he explains everything to Mona. Apparently Adam was tortured and a Vampire is killed, but only because there is an assassination attempt on Mona. Why on earth would somebody want boring old Mona dead? Well, that is the question and the other piece of news is that it is one of Mona’s coven members.So, Mona starts her investigation on who, what, when, why and so on. Adam is sticking to her like glue, being a werewolf, his Alpha has allowed him to protect Mona and separate from his pack for a week; after that he must return to his life and his pack. Mona and Adam spending so much time together, stirs up old feelings from their teenage years. Mona has an image of herself that she decides no man could love and tries to put Adam Blue out of her mind (but that’s easier said than done).Follow the journey of Mona and Adam through their investigation and how they try to work out who the baddie is. Mona has some very strange friends and even stranger paranormal connections. Throughout this book, Mona has to make a decision about her life and her image. She learns to be happy with herself and how to love somebody.I really enjoyed this book and Jennifer Harlow’s writing style. It was certainly a page turner and I loved Mona. I am glad that this is going to be a series and I can’t wait for the next book. I highly recommend this to paranormal romance readers for some witchy fun!