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Elemental Explosions - Kailin Gow This is another fantastic read from Kailin Gow. The adventurous tale of Wirt and his friends only gets more exciting in this book and leaves me wanting more. This series is such fun and the characters and storyline can go in any direction, it has such potential. Starting off where Stones to Ashes finishes, Elemental Explosions is exactly as the title states. Wirt is learning more about his abilities; learning how to harness his elemental powers. His teachers have unorthodox methods of teaching Wirt how to use his abilities, but they are effective.There is a new student, Roland Black and there seems to be a history with Spencer’s Father and Roland’s Father. The tension in the air surrounding these two is not just over their Father’s history but also over Alana. Wirt arrives back at his room one day to find Spencer moved out and Roland moved in. He is confused and frustrated over Spencer and their friendship is questioned.Wirt finds out that Year 2 is a year of tests, tests and more testing in order to gain one of the precious 14 places in the Elite program. The students are all highly strung and trying their hardest to pass all of their classes in order to be offered one of the spot for Year 3. If there is a tie, this year there will be a tournament called The Quantum Games where the participants will have to fight to the possible death in order to obtain that final spot.Magical ropes go missing and again part of a test, teams are made and Wirt and his friends go in search. Wirt has a feeling that Roland is involved in the missing ropes somehow.This is another page turner and I enjoyed this one more than the first. With the end leaving me hanging, I am anxious for book 3, The Quantum Games. I highly recommend this series to all young adult fantasy readers.