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Stones to Ashes - Kailin Gow This is such a fun adventurous read and highly addictive. The author has created a fantastic series from a male’s perspective, which is quite different for me. The easy flow of the story and the highly enjoyable adventure’s that Wirt takes makes for one great read.Wirt is a typical teenager generally speaking, orphaned and pushed from one foster house to another and from one school to another. Forever finding trouble and on afternoon while walking around his new town, Wirt finds some thugs, after a verbal exchange, Wirt is chased down the streets. Cornered against a fence, Wirt suddenly starts feeling like his body is going to be torn apart. Having no clue what is happening, he can only stand and wait for the pummelling from the thugs without fighting back. The next minute he is taken someplace else, standing in a field looking up into the most ginormous tree he could ever imagine.Welcome to the Alchemists Academy! Wirt is taken by surprise of course; he had no idea that he even had the potential to do magic. Once meeting with the Headmaster and being accepted to attend, Wirt was taken to meet his new roommate. Spencer has taken Wirt under his wing and introduced him to his other friends. Wirt quickly becomes friends with the group and starts to learn about magic.A magical and very important artefact is stolen and a quest has been called in order to find the artefact and the thief. This is the beginning of Wirt’s adventure in the magical tree.This is a fantastic magical Indiana Jones like book, with the characters evolving along with the story. Wirt’s character has many flaws, but it is quite typical for a teenager and as he comes to make some very hard decisions regarding his life, you can’t help but care for him. I highly recommend this to all readers that enjoy teen novels and I can’t wait to read Elemental Explosions, book 2.