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Breathe (Sea Breeze, #1) - Abbi Glines I have decided I am another one of Abbi Gline’s biggest fans. Breathe is another awesome read by Ms Glines and it certainly is an addictive one as well. The writing style is fantastic and so easy to read that you don’t even notice how fast you’re turning the pages. Being book one in the series, it was a great introduction to all the characters, but of Sadie and Jax in particular.Sadie has had a tough life, being a teenager of a woman that doesn’t want to grow up or take responsibility for her own life or her daughter is never easy. They moved to Alabama for a fresh start and got more than they bargained for. Sadie has had to be the adult and now that her Mother is pregnant to some low life man, it is even worse. Sadie doesn’t make friends and just wants to be invisible. Her Mother is beautiful and always tells Sadie how plain she appears, but that is only because she doesn’t want to become like her Mother.Sadie was to help her Mother work over the summer, but her Mother just couldn’t be bothered. Sadie at the last minute had to rush to her Mother’s work and try to be hired as her replacement (otherwise they were in trouble). Sadie rocks up to her Mother’s workplace, an enormous mansion on the island. She is allowed entrance and talks her way in to being put on trial. Of course Sadie is a hard worker and everything goes smoothly until she finds out that family returns to the summer house and it is the infamous rock star Jax Stone. Sadie not being the typical teenage girl takes it all in her stride; she just tries to ignore the fact that she is working for the most famous teenage rock star in America. Jax on the other hand is confused why a teenage girl has been allowed to work in his residence. Usually they’re not allowed because of the fact all his groupies try to attack him. Right from the get go, Jax is attracted to Sadie. She has a beauty that is untouched and seems mature for her age. As time progresses, Jax and Sadie see each other around the estate and Jax seems to be protective of her. They both know that nothing can ever happen between them because they are from different worlds. The deal was they would hang together over the summer and then go their separate ways. But things get more serious as time goes on.Can Jax and Sadie be together forever or is it just a summer fling? How will Sadie and her Mother cope with a new baby? What about all the Hollywood photos of Jax with famous women, can Sadie overcome her jealousy?This is such an emotional rollercoaster for Sadie and you can’t help but feel for her and despise her Mother. I was in tears near the end; it was such an in-depth read and I had to grab Because Of Low straight after. It’s ready to go and hopefully I can read it next week. This is an awesome series and another great hit from Ms Glines.