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Down to You (The Bad Boys, #1) - M. Leighton Down to You is fantastic, such a page turner that I couldn’t stop reading and finished this in one day. I just had to find out what was going on with the twin brother’s and Liv. M Leighton has a wonderful style of writing that is easy to read and the story was so very intriguing that I couldn’t help but become addicted.Liv is a typical college student, working as much as she can to pay the rent and live her life. Working as a bartender in a club two hours away, she struggles to make enough money to cover all the essentials; especially when her car starts playing up. We start at a Hen’s party in a club and in walks the most handsome man Liv has ever seen. She assumes he is the entertainment for the evening and trying to help out her friend, initiates the undressing of the entertainment. Cash is only too happy to oblige and let Liv start when the door opens and in walks the real entertainment. Liv is horrified that he would allow her to do that and humiliated. Cash is the owner of the club is amused at how Liv is so timid and shy, but her courage came to the surface for loyalty towards her friend.Liv is living with her cousin because at her last apartment her roommate left and Liv couldn’t afford the rent by herself. Her cousin has a boyfriend, but Liv hasn’t met him before and on the morning after the hen’s party, Liv goes for coffee only to find Cash in the kitchen with her cousin. BUT it’s not Cash, its Nash his twin brother. Liv is dumbfounded; there are 2 of these handsome men!The twin’s and Liv all seem to be smitten with each other. Nash has tee’d up a job interview with Cash at his club so Liv doesn’t have to travel so far for work. The tension between them all is thick you could cut it with a knife. One night Liv is visited by one of the Twin’s and there are no words spoken, Liv has no idea which one it could be. Embarrassed to ask the question, she goes on wondering which twin mysteriously visited her bed that night.Can Liv work out which man visited her without having to ask? Would Nash really betray her cousin? Can Liv overcome her attraction to the bad boy Cash and wait for the good guy Nash?I am so glad that I don’t have to wait long for book 2, Up To Me which comes out early January. I loved the mystery revolving around the twin’s family and the big twists that keep you guessing. This certainly is a love triangle with a difference and is a must read for all adult romance readers.