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Revealing Eden (Save the Pearls, #1) - Victoria Foyt Wow, this is an amazing fantasy novel. I have seen a lot of mixed reviews regarding this book, generally because of the racism that some believe this book is about. I have read and am reviewing the book for the whole story and I thoroughly enjoyed it. This is a unique and riveting book that I couldn’t put down; I read it in one day and found the page turner storyline and characters fascinating.Eden Newman is seventeen and a half years old, in six months she will be eighteen and if she doesn’t find a mate, she will be left outside in the heat to die. In a world where procreation is limited to one child per couple, her meals consist of pills and water is rationed to a cup a day; Eden is starting to panic that she will die of The Heat and never find her mate. Civilisation has been all but wiped out and the survivors are living in tunnels underground away from the blazing sun. Eden’s Father is a scientist and a very good one; he is trying to adapt humans DNA with an animal’s DNA in order to help humans survive on the surface.It is unusual for Eden and her Father to have such highly ranked jobs; their social standing is classed as low because they are Pearls. Pearls have light coloured skin and Eden in particular has a very low mate-rate of only 15%. Eden works in her Father’s lab assisting with the test subjects and on this particular day trouble starts. Eden and her Supervisor have an altercation; Eden tries to run away and is caught by the guy that runs the place, Bramford. Eden sees Bramford as arrogant and a self-righteous man that is only out for power and glory. The test subjects go missing and as a last resort Bramford requests that he become the new experiment. There is an explosion in the lab during the procedure and all hell breaks loose. Bramford takes Eden and her Father on his jet to escape. Eden feels she is kidnapped and doesn’t know what will happen to her life or her Father.Arriving in the Jungle, Bramford is adapting to his new DNA and is unpredictable. Eden doesn’t know why he helps them or where they are going. Arriving in a small village they have to adapt to their new surrounding and the food available. There is something very mysterious going on, the children are calling Eden Rebecca and nobody will tell her why.Will Eden ever find out why Bramford is really helping them? Does she have feelings for Bramford or does she like just ticking him off? Will they ever get back to civilisation? Can Eden really survive out on the surface? Can Eden find out the mystery behind Bramford and who Rebecca is?I cannot wait for book 2, Adapting Eden to be released next year; Goodreads says it is due for release in January, but I found somewhere else that it isn’t until March. Anyway, I will be looking out for it and can’t wait to see what happens to Eden, Bramford and her Father next. I really loved the story behind this book, the world building could have been a little more detailed as to what and how everything happened, but the characters and Eden in particular are intriguing. Eden is struggling through her life and trying to work out what it all means. Being an emotional 17 year old is difficult at the best of times, but put in the mix of trying to live in a jungle with a strange man that she has always had to fear, well what more could you want. Betrayal, love, mystery, family relationships and adventure all mixed into one. I recommend this to those that enjoy a fantasy.