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The Vincent Brothers (The Vincent Boys, #2) - Abbi Glines I loved this one just as much as The Vincent Boys. The Vincent Boys was an introduction into the life of Sawyer and Beau Vincent with Beau being in the spotlight more so than Sawyer. But The Vincent Brothers is a spotlight more so on Sawyer. Abbi Glines is a magician, just as I said in my review for book 1. This is the original version and I just loved the fast pace storyline with twists and turns along the way.Sawyer Vincent is still coming to terms with losing the love of his life to his brother; even though he knows that Beau would never ever betray him if it wasn't real love. But that doesn't make the hurt any less painful, especially having to witness the love every day. Sawyer isn't himself and has decided the only way to take away the pain for a little while is to resort to drinking alcohol. It appears to everybody that Sawyer has turned into the bad boy Beau since the break-up.Ash is still in la-la land and loving every minute she spends with Beau. This summer is going to be the best before everybody goes off to college. Ash’s cousin Lana is coming to stay for the summer too, she is trying to escape her now divorced Mother’s bitter tirades and to enjoy life. She has changed her image, her attitude and decided that this is her last chance to be noticed by boys; with one boy in particular in mind.Lana goes to the Field party with Ash and is excited to see Sawyer again. Sawyer thinks Lana could be a great distraction from the hurt that Ash has caused and decides to start spending time with Lana. Every time he is with Lana, Ash doesn't even enter his mind. Lana doesn't know if Sawyer is spending time with her just to make Ash jealous or because he generally is attracted to her.There is a tug of war of emotions in this book and nothing is set in stone. There is questionable behaviour from Beau which causes trouble for Sawyer and Ash and Lana is turned inside out. Will Lana ever get to be happy? Can somebody actually put her first? Will Sawyer be able to love somebody that isn't Ash? Will Ash ever not be the centre of the Vincent Boys?This is awesome! I wish there were more books coming to this story; I just loved the Vincent boys. In the first book, I was all Beau, but now having actually been inside Sawyers head, it is hard to be in love with just one of the Vincent Boys, I am torn between the two. The characters evolve with great intensity and the emotions that come out of the book will have you laughing, crying and OMGing along with Lana. After I finished reading this one, I had to purchase more books by Abbi Glines, I am now one of her biggest fans.