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Release (The Protector, #3) - M.R. Merrick This is another fantastic adventure book by M.R. Merrick. He has an enormous talent for creating a world that you can fall straight into, with vivid imagery and characters that you want to egg on to be better people and fall in love.Chase continues on his journey to find the soul pieces of Ithereal. He is trying his hardest to stop his Father, Riley from finding them and also stop him from killing any more Underworlders. With the help of Marcus, they are gathering their own army to help bring down Riley. All Underworlders have not gotten along and even more so against the Hunters. But now they all have one enemy and together they can hopefully overcome Riley.Chase is trying to control his emotions, which in turn helps control his ever growing powers. But something isn’t going right, while travelling into another world, his skin splits open and he cannot heal himself. Chase doesn’t know what is happening or why when he was just getting control over everything.The vampire, Vincent is having his own crisis and Chase is being guilted into helping by Tiki. But he gives his word to help and in return Vincent has to align himself with Chase. Vincent doesn’t make things easy and is forever complaining about every little thing. He is turning into a hindrance more than a help.Rayna is acting very strange and not being herself. Chase doesn’t know if he should pursue her or just let everything be. There are a lot of higher priorities in his life than love after all. Rayna is having her own family issues as well. The tension builds; will they surrender to their feelings or fall further apart?Will Chase get to the soul pieces in time? Can he overcome his pain and skin splitting? Can Chase help Vincent with his family problems and survive? What about Rayna, will she forgo her attitude problem and love Chase? Can Riley be beaten?Overall, this is another adventure not to be missed; Indiana Jones in fantasyland. This series is gaining momentum for the finale that will go off with a BANG. The creatures in this one are amazing, M.R. Merrick has a vast imagination with creatures of all shapes, sizes and abilities; there is certainly nothing like them anywhere. The combination of a little love, heroics, family drama’s, artefact hunting and loyalty all bring together the heart of Release. Bring on number 4, I need to find out what happens to Chase!