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Eve Hallows and the Book of Shadows - Robert  Gray Eve Hallows and the Book of Shadows was another fantastic Middle Grade adventure read. As with the first one, I enjoyed reading it immensely; all though I did enjoy this one a little more than book 1. The easy flow to the story and the characters were so much fun. The characters are evolving along with the adventure and it is highly addictive reading.After Eve escapes her encounter with The Source, the family is called back to Gravesville. Eve is horribly excited about seeing her old friends again. Once arriving though, things are not as what they once were. Because Eve is human, nobody wants to talk to her or even look at her. Everybody is terribly afraid of poor little human Eve. Eve tries to find her old school friends and catch up. One of her friends is having a party and Eve sneaks out to join in the fun.Werewolves and Vampires are disappearing from Gravesville and nobody knows what is going on. Everyone seems to blame the other; but who is actually behind the disappearances? Eve is summoned to a meeting with The Director or who turns out to be the Grimm Reaper. Terrified beyond words, Eve discovers some secrets that will help her on her way to discovering the second book, the Book of Shadows.The Director has promised another URNS agent to help Eve solve the case of the missing Book of Shadows. The only problem is Jasmine is hindering more than she is helping.Back in the human world again, Eve confides in her human friends for ideas on locating the book. Is The Source behind the disappearances when the evidence shows otherwise? Will Eve be able to find the book in time? I absolutely love this series and cannot wait to keep reading the fun adventures of Eve Hallows. Mr Gray has such a fantastic style of writing and his books are such fascinating tales, that everybody should read them for the fun factor. The topsy turvy lingo, adorable creatures and imaginative Gravesville, make one horrible book.Favourite quotes: “Dad shook his head, but froze as soon as Mom walked into the kitchen, her shiny, black snakehair bopping and hissing to Sexy and I Know It.” ~ loc 59Or“Steve, oblivious to our conversation, clung to Jasmine like dirt to a coffin as we entered Ghoulicious.” ~ loc 1821