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The Lost Prince - Julie Kagawa Wow, this was a highly anticipated book for me, with all the hype over the internet and in bookstores, I wasn’t sure what to expect. I had heard so much about The Iron Fey series and I had read The Iron King back in September last year, but I wasn’t sure whether I should read this one or not. I recommended The Iron Fey series to my Mum after reading book 1 and she read the whole series within a week; telling me how good the series was. I hadn’t had a chance to read books 2 to 4 and when The Lost Prince came around, I was extremely disappointed I hadn’t read the remaining books. I had read a review from a fellow blogger that said she also didn’t read The Iron Fey series and that it was still a great read, so I bit the bullet and decided to just read it and WOW! Ethan Chase has been able see the Fey since he was a baby, after his adventures with his sister, Meghan he is now ready to just ignore the whole world and keep to himself. After moving to the city and having to start a new school, Ethan is trying to take each day at a time and not get into trouble again. Ignoring all the rumours about his last school and just trying to not draw attention, but things never seem to go to plan.There is a kid in school and Ethan rescues him from the school jocks, but he then realises that he is not human, but Fey. This is the beginning of all of Ethan’s troubles! Ethan seems to be followed at every turn and stalked by a nosy school reporter, Kenzie. But when Ethan tries his hardest to use his attitude and turn them away, it doesn’t work.The kid he saved from the jocks disappears and Ethan knows exactly what happened, but not where he was taken to. Strange things happen and the nosy reporter and Ethan are being chased by shadows, creatures that he has never seen before. Ethan’s only choice is to get help from his sister, Meghan in the Iron Kingdom.Ethan travels to the Iron Kingdom with some help from a talking cat with attitude. He has to try and explain everything to Kenzie; how the Fey world operates and what to expect. Visiting with Meghan isn’t what he expects and Ethan needs to find answers.Follow Ethan on his quest to find his “friend”, find answers and keep Kenzie safe and out of the clutches of Them. Who is the real Lost Prince and why are there still so many secrets between Ethan and Meghan? This is an adventure like no other; creatures are amazing and so detailed you can see them right in front of you. The writing style is so easy to read and so amazing you cannot put it down. I had forgotten how fun it was to read one of Julie Kagawa’s books and can’t wait to pick up another one. It has certainly gotten me excited to read the remaining Iron Fey series books.