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Eve Hallows and the Book of Shrieks (Nightmare, #1) - Robert  Gray Eve Hallows and the Book of Shrieks was such a fun read. It has an easy flow and humorous story that I couldn't put down. The world building that Mr Gray created was fantastic and the characters all loveable. The unique zombies, pirates, werewolves, ghouls, vampires, gorgons and all other paranormal creatures imaginable were hilarious in their creation and so enjoyable. Where horrible means adorable and adorable means horrible, it is an adventure not to miss.Fourteen year old Eve Hallows was orphaned and taken in by a gorgon and a shapeshifer; her brother is a ghoul and they have a pet called wolf, which is a werepig. Living in Gravesville, a world where monsters are normal people and everyday appears to be Halloween. For breakfast Eve has chocolates and donuts and pumpkin juice. Going to school her lunch is chocolate and donuts and pumpkin juice. Halloween is like Christmas and the biggest celebration of the year. But before she could even get to celebrate, murders have been committed and in fear for their safety, her parents decide to move into the human world.Adapting in the human world and a human school is not what Eve expects. Her Mother takes her shopping and asks some teens dressed up walking down the street where they got their clothes from. It turns out they were attending a Halloween party and were wearing costumes, but Eve’s Mother didn't realise and they bought “horrible” clothes for school. Eve’s first day of school couldn't get any worse. Everybody is laughing, staring and pointing. The principle is not happy with her either; so her first day is disastrous. The mean girls turn up and almost fall over laughing at her because of the trick they played. Her Dad has to run a pizza shop and after school Eve has to help out at Ghoulicious Pizza. The murderer’s calling card was left at the pizza shop and now they are worried. Eve is determined to find out more about THE SOURCE somehow and gets the opportunity when she is suspended from school.Eve starts investigating and finds all sorts of things but can’t piece them all together. Will Eve work out who is behind the murders? Can she overcome the mean girls at school? Will she ever see her friends again at home in Gravesville? What is The Book of Shrieks and where can it be found?Follow Eve on her journey of self-discovery, new school cliques and social status, secret societies and betrayal. I really enjoyed this adventure story and can’t wait to get into book 2, Eve Hallows and the Book of Shadows.