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C I N - Christina Leigh Pritchard C I N is a wonderful beginning to the series. It’s an introduction into the life of Lisa Brown and the strange life that she begins with her Aunt Millie. This is a very fast paced read, easy flow with a great variety of characters. It is a very enjoyable young adult read and a mystery from the start.Lisa Brown is having it tough, first of all her parents separate, her mother is unstable and cannot hold down a job, so their house forecloses and they are forced to move. Lisa’s Mum is admitting herself into a psychiatric facility and Lisa is forced to stay with her Aunt Millie. She has never met this woman and has only ever spoken to her once. Lisa is anxious about the whole thing and she has right to be. Her Mother is eager to get Lisa on the train and out of her life, why can’t her Mother say “I LOVE YOU”? It would be really painful that your own mother couldn't say those three little words. What has happened to her mother?Lisa arrives at the train station and Aunty Millie is nowhere to be seen. A young boy is lounging around and starts yelling out her name. Aunty Millie had a meeting and sent Michael to collect Lisa from the train. This is the beginning of their friendship and the start of the strange behaviour of Lynne. There are 2 cottages near the lake with two kids living in one and while their parents are apparently away, Aunty Millie watches over them and she lives in the other. They have a cat, Rat and a dog, Pig. Rat and Pig are two of the strangest animals alive. They will not allow you to touch them and have personalities of their own. Rat eats at the kitchen table like a human. Right off the bat, these two kids are not likeable. Alex and Ally are the strangest kids she has ever known. They are hateful, paranoid and weird in their behaviours. Lisa cannot stand living with them and can’t wait for her mother to come back for her.Lisa is to start attending the school that Aunt Millie is headmistress of, C I N Boarding School. This is a special school for gifted teens with high intelligence levels. She is not looking forward to it at all. After a few days of enduring these horrible teenagers, her Mother does come back and they all go to lunch. Lisa was leaving with her Mother and not going to look back. Alex and Ally didn't want this to happen and they all went out into the street as they left. A huge lightning bolt struck the Lynne sign and a huge hole is in the road, trying to find a way around, Lisa and her Mother get out of the car, big mistake. Lisa looks up into the sky and BAM she is struck by not one, but two lightning bolts.Lisa wakes up in the hospital and feels amazing. She has never felt this alive, this energised or this healthy. What happened and why isn't she dead? How could she be struck by TWO lightning bolts? There is a massive secret that Ally and Alex are hiding and Lisa is the only one that doesn't know. What is this huge secret? Why do Alex and Ally speak as if they are centuries old, but are only teenagers? Where is Lisa’s Mother and why hasn't she come back for her daughter again? Where does Aunty Millie disappear to every night? Where are Alex and Ally’s parents, why don’t they return? Why is she starting to have feelings for Alex? There are so many questions that Lisa has and she is determined to find the answers.I loved the original story in this book and cannot wait to read book 2. And don’t you love the tag line? “Lynne, Lynne the city of sin, you never come out the way went in.” I didn't want to give away the secret so you can all read this fantastic book and find out for yourselves. The characters are fantastic, just like typical teenagers, annoying, self-absorbed and their moods changing every minute. The easy flow of the story and the lovable Lisa Brown will make the reader want to find out all of the answers for her. It is quite addictive and I recommend it to everyone who wants to read something different from the normal young adult paranormal books.