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Slave Girl - Alexa Moses I always love discovering Australian Author’s; they are always interesting and diverse. Alexa Moses is no exception to this rule and Slave Girl was a great read directed at Middle Grade-Young Adult. The easy flow of the writing style was fabulous and the characters were fun.Jenna Bookallil-Brown is a 13 year old on an exchange program, currently visiting museums in New York. Jenna is very excited to be in New York staying with her Great Aunt and trying to become the sophisticated, fashion conscious teen that every girl wants to be. Jenna is visiting the Metropolitan Museum and has an appointment that she must get to. Her chaperone will not allow her to leave and Jenna is torn whether to disobey or just suck it up.Jenna notices a strange cat under the bench she is contemplating on and the cat watches Jenna in return; how strange. The cat jumps onto the bench and steals the envelope with all Jenna’s money for her appointment. OMG – a cat stealing an envelope full of money, haha. Jenna takes off after the cat to rescue her treasured envelope.One second Jenna was in the Museum and the next in a strange room with a party themed with people in Egyptian costumes. Huh, Jenna has no idea what is going on, why would there be a party at the Museum like this? Jenna is still chasing the cat, spots it behind a group of dancers. Trying to stay inconspicuous, she crouches and waddles over towards the cat; the cat takes off, Jenna gets caught and is taken into a room with a bunch of other girls.Jenna still doesn’t know what is going on and everybody doesn’t seem to know what she is talking about or understanding her way of talking. Before long Jenna is taken to the kitchen to start her daily duties, she is now a slave.Will Jenna find that dastardly cat? Can she find her way home to New York in her current era? Will she be able to survive being a slave and all it entails?Follow along on a fun adventure with Jenna, trying to search for the cat while not being captured or imprisoned or even sentenced to death. This was a fantastic quick read that I recommend to all Middle Grade readers and above for something fun. Plus hello, Australian authors are fantastic. This is the first in a series of adventures for Jenna and I look forward to reading the next.