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Beautiful Freaks - Katie M. John I absolutely loved The Knight Trilogy by Katie M John and when I heard she had a new book coming out I was extremely excited. Katie writes with such simplicity that you can read her books with amazing ease. Although the characters are such a complex group, all together they make one miraculous story.Eighteen year old Kaspian has become a man and discovers he has some unusual abilities of his own. His parent’s died and left him in the care of a Professor in arts of the supernatural. Since Kaspian has come of age the Professor decided to have a soiree to introduce Kaspian amongst his acquaintances. During the party, Kaspian meets another young gentleman, Hugh. Hugh is a rich party boy and offered to take Kaspian out to a special club. Once inside No. 7, Kaspian was mesmerised by the owner Eve. It was like love at first sight for him and he had to keep returning. The specialness of this club was with the theatre acts that occur behind a secret doorway. Kaspian watched his first show and the women were so beautiful and enthralling. Each Lady has a special gift and it all appears to be smoke and mirrors, but was it?A series of murders have taken place around London and their special circumstances lead the Detective’s to visit the Professor. With some help from an old volume detailing all of the supernatural creatures and their abilities, a lead is found.Will Kaspian be able to love Eve and will Eve love him in return? Can Kaspian master his abilities? What about the murders, will the Detective find the mastermind? What will happen to the Palace of Beautiful Freaks?Following Kaspian’s journey is a real adventure. This book is a fantasy like no other and is so far beyond amazing and unique. Like Katie’s Knight Trilogy, this has it all; adventure, romance, action, mystery, suspense and intrigue. I highly recommend this to all that enjoys fantasy novels.