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Falling Kingdoms (Falling Kingdoms, #1) - Morgan Rhodes,  Michelle Rowen Falling Kingdoms is a fantastic fantasy that allows the reader to discover new lands, royalty and squalor and above all else the very real possibility that magic exists. The world that has been created is unique and the characters are so vast, but the reader can imagine their lives so vividly. It is an excellent start to the series and the beginning of a wonderful journey for Lucia, Magnus, Jonas and Cleo.There is royalty in each of the three Kingdoms, Paelsia, Limeros and Auranos. Each has their own unique belief and way of life, but all together they make Mytica.Auranos – Princess Cleoina (Cleo) is the younger of two sisters. With Emilia the heir, Cleo believes she can get away with everything and take no responsibilities. Until one trip to Paelsia, when the young Lord Aron wants to buy some wine that he heard was the best in the lands. There Aron tries to offer an unfair price to the vendor and an altercation arises. This is the beginning of the battles between all three lands, but nobody realises at the time.Limeros – Magnus is the heir to the throne and has an attitude of arrogance and indifference. Lucia, his younger sister is adored by him, but his feelings start to seem more inappropriate for that of a sister. Lucia is going along with daily life, turns sixteen and is starting to discover strange things are happening to her. Family secrets start to come out and the two siblings are at odds.Paelsia – Jonas isn’t royalty, he is the son of a wine vendor, just living each day to survive. It is the very same wine vendor that has the altercation with Lord Aron. Jonas is determined to avenge his brother and to make sure his dying land and people get what they deserve.Magic has been forgotten and there has been a peaceful treaty between the kingdoms. Until the prophecy of the powerful sorceress that was born and stolen from her mother. She was hidden away waiting for her powers to arise. Now each Kingdom is unsettled and preparing to do go to war; but nobody knows of this secret sorceress and her unlimited power.Falling Kingdoms is the story of all four teenagers and how they all intertwine. There is betrayal, so much betrayal, secrets and romance and heartache. This is a story where love and family loyalty is the strongest weapon and how you must reign supreme in order to survive.I thoroughly enjoyed this book and can’t wait until book 2 comes out next year. There is so much going on with the characters and each Kingdom that is seems to chop and change from one to the other a little, but all the backstory and the characters elements are needed to get the whole picture. It is a unique story and so well told that I found myself gasping with horror at the twists and rolling my eyes at the turns. With all the romance and heartache that follows, the tears started rolling along with the characters and you can’t help but try to egg on your favourite to win their battles. I do recommend this to fantasy readers, it is a fantastic story.