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Shift - M.R. Merrick Well, what’s to say! Book 2 in The Protector series certainly maintains the high intense, action packed adventure that book 1 began with. M.R. Merrick did an amazing job continuing the story and the characters in this book and the third is certainly going to be epic to continue Chase’s journey.Chase is still struggling with the idea that his father is trying to invoke the powers of an evil God. His father’s ideas are crazy and go against every belief that Chase was told during his childhood. After surviving their last encounter, Chase is left devastated and trying to control his new abilities.The Circle has requested a meeting, but Chase has his doubts as to their motives. After receiving gifts from the Goddess to help defeat his father, everybody seems to want control of the powerful ring. As the meeting continues, their ideals don’t change and Chase becomes outraged; a showdown is imminent. All of the Underworld factions are up against each other and Chase seems to be stuck in the middle. Rayna is fighting a monster within and Willy was bitten by a werewolf during a scuffle. Everything seems to be going extremely wrong and Chase only has one thing in his sights. HIS FATHER! Chase is trying to control his powers, support Rayna with her monster that’s trying to rip her apart, deal with Marcus and his betrayal all besides being tracked down by vampires, hunters and the Dark Brothers. Chase’s dreams are being invaded by the Dark Brother’s and what happens in his dreams seems to hurt his physical body. Nothing is going as to plan….Will Chase be able to get control of his powers? Will he understand the ring and keep it safe? Can Rayna and Chase overcome their problems to realise their feelings for each other? Can Chase and Marcus gather enough followers to fight against the army of pureblood demons?This is like Indiana Jones meets Underworld. Chase goes on an adventure of self-discovery in order to learn more about himself and how to stop his father. Along the way, realisation takes place that everybody is not as they seem and family is not only made by blood. Shift is full to the brim of action, destruction, betrayal, magic, life changing epiphanies and even a little romance. This is an amazing read, fast paced and with twists along the way that keeps you guessing. Just what is going to happen in book 3, Release? The descriptions of the beasts are so unusual and the other dimensions are so vivid you can almost reach out and touch them. One of my favourite parts was at the Witches store and how the owner appears old and blind only to change into a young lovely witch. Awesome!! Everybody needs to read this series.