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How Beauty Met the Beast - Jax Garren This was such a fun read. Not a very long book, but chock-a-block full of action, intrigue and romance. The world that the Author has created is unique and the characters are full of attitude that you can’t help but laugh along with their antics.The start is a full on chase with Wesley ‘Hauk’ Haukon and Braydon trying to escape the secret order. They go to a place they know is safe, Pussy Will-Oh a burlesque show. Hauk sits in the back to watch the show and is mesmerised by the entertainer. The show ends and he goes to find Braydon; only he walks down the hall and finds the entertainer changing behind a sheet (Jolie). This is the sexiest scene I've read in a while. The mystery of Hauk behind the sheet and Jolie not knowing who this stranger is certainly puts the sexual tension off the charts for the remainder of the book.Hauk has a sixth sense for danger. After his accident in the military, he is scarred for life and doesn’t show his face in public. Hauk sensing the danger goes running toward the hallway. Jolie is kidnapped and Hauk goes to her rescue. Jolie doesn’t know who her rescuer is, but his face is so horrific that she can’t bear to look at him. Jolie knows he sounds familiar, but doesn't know who the poor man is.Another girl is kidnapped the same night as Jolie’s attempt. Hauk and Jolie are on a mission to rescue the 12 year old, Whitney as she is Jolie’s niece and to find out who is behind it all. The investigation begins and the flirting between the two is hilarious. It is so cute and fun you can’t help but roll your eyes or laugh along. I love the part where Whitney is teasing Jolie about carrying Hauk’s butt, so funny. Whitney’s attitude is so typical of a 12 year old, the ‘I know everything and know how to do it, and don’t you know that’ attitude. It’s cute!Follow along the adventure of Hauk and Jolie; how their everyday lives are turned upside down from the first time they meet. I really enjoyed this book; it has such an easy flow of events that keep you turning the pages if only to see if the pair will actually get together again and to see who this secret cult is. I will certainly read book 2, How Beauty Saved the Beast and I can’t wait for it to be released.