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Exiled - M.R. Merrick This is a fantastic fantasy covering demons, warlocks, witches and their hunters. It was a fantastic first book in the series, a great introduction into the lives of Chase and Rayna.Chase is a seventeen year old boy that has only known the life of a hunter. Hunters have special abilities and allow them to heal faster, be quicker and stronger than an ordinary human. Chase is the son of parents that both have hunters blood. Three years ago, Chase was to go through the hunter’s ritual to bring on his elemental powers. The only problem is that Chase didn't get his and his father was so disgusted that he exiled Chase with his mother. Three years go by and Chase does his bit by killing demons, which is all he knows. But now something has changed and demons are following him everywhere and attacking him. Living with his Mother they are working constantly to make ends meet and to look out for each other. Then one night on his way home from work, Chase is attacked. While trying to get the upper hand somebody comes by and kills the demon before Chase can finish the job. Rayna is part witch, part hunter and has become a hunter like Chase. Marcus has taken her under his wing and together they go hunting. They have asked Chase to join their cause.Chase doesn't know what to think, Marcus was meant to be dead and why is he working with a half-breed? Demons start to get kidnapped and Marcus, Chase and Rayna are not sure what is going on. They begin investigating the disappearances and find themselves in more trouble.Who are kidnapping the demons? Why are they kidnapping demons? How much trouble can Chase and Rayna find? Will Chase ever receive his elemental power?This book is full to the brim of awesomeness. Chase’s character has so much potential to evolve into the man that every reader wants him to become. He realises life isn't just about killing demons and that maybe some of them aren't that bad after all. And maybe, just maybe there may be some loving for him and Rayna (I hope so, I will have to read Shift to find out). This book has inter-dimensional travel, magic beyond your imaginations and demons of all descriptions. The world that Mr Merrick has written is unique with red and green grass, purple water; just amazing. One of my favourite parts is the fight that Chase has to take against the troll and the old children’s story about crossing the bridge and having to pay a toll, hilarious. I certainly can’t wait to read Shift and I recommend you all read Exiled to begin the journey.