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Personal Demons - Nimue Brown, Tom   Brown This was a quite enjoyable read. The illustrations were awesome and very fitting for the Halloween period.Hopeless, Maine - Personal Demons - says it all. Salamandra is a little girl that seems orphaned. She is taken in and then it's discovered she has these unusual powers. So off to the Orphanage with her. All alone and friendless, Salamandra feels awful and takes off. She sees a little girl, beautiful with blonde hair and ribbons everywhere. Salamandra is excited but sceptical about this little girl wanting to become her friend.The little girl wants Salamandra to do bad things and she won't do it. Other children in the Orphanage seem to be talking to themselves and Salamandra worked out that they are speaking with the little blonde girl.Salamandra chooses to help get rid of the naughty little blonde girl and find some real friends.This is a great graphic novel, with fantastically dark illustrations fitting to the story. Can't wait to read the next one.