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Brightest Kind of Darkness (Brightest Kind of Darkness, #1) - P.T. Michelle,  Patrice Michelle Wow, what an original read! This was amazing, highly entertaining and mysterious.Nara is a typical 16 year old, except for the fact that at night she dreams the events that will happen for the next day. One night she dreamt a bomb was in a school locker and who the culprit was. And for the first time Nara decided she was going to try to stop it from happening. She made an anonymous phone call to the police. Of course when she arrived at school the police were everywhere and the bomb found.Since the bomb incident, everything has changed. On that fateful day another event happened that Nara didn't see coming. She met Ethan, the mysterious boy from school that nobody payed attention to and seemed oblivious to all. Ever since then, she hasn't been dreaming, so each day has been unpredictable or unknown to her.Because Nara isn't dreaming, she isn't able to see how to save all the goals in her soccer matches. Enter Ethan! He helps Nara to play her games without using her dreams. Now Ethan and Nara are becoming closer and closer. Ethan has his own demons and seems to understand Nara better than she does herself. Can Nara get her dreams back? Stop her her school mates from getting hurt? This is a great first book in the series and sort of reminds me of Final Destination. We get to know Nara and Ethan and how their relationship develops. How Nara manages to go through her daily routine from knowing every event to knowing nothing. This is fantastic and I can't put into words all the events that take place in this book. I highly recommend to all fantasy young adult readers. The next book in the series is Lucid and I can't wait to see what happens.