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13 Little Blue Envelopes (Little Blue Envelope, #1) - Maureen Johnson Fantastic fast paced book and such a wonderful story.Ginny's Aunt disappears without a trace. She just took off one day and didn't tell anybody where or when she would be back. A few years later, they received a phone call to say she had passed away.Ginny received a letter, she had to go to the shop under her Aunts apartment to pick up a parcel. This was the beginning! Inside the parcel was 13 letters. In each envelope there was a task for Ginny to complete and details of what her Aunt was thinking and experiencing while she traveled by herself.Ginny travels all over Europe following her Aunts directions. She discovers courage that she never realised she had. Makes new friends and potential boyfriends. For a 17 year old, this is the biggest adventure of her life.This was an amazing adventure that does contain a sad story as well. I was crying along with Ginny and laughing. Overall this was a great book and even better knowing there is a sequel.