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Sworn (The Vampire Legends, #1) - Emma Knight Rachel moves to a new school, a new house and has no friends. She is the middle of three children and her other two siblings do not have any trouble making their own friends and they rub it in her face. The pressure from her parents to make friends only adds to her daily anxiety. Rachel decides to bite the bullet and sit next to the one person that isn't a mean girl. Hooray, she makes a friend. The popular football player Rob also seems to take an interest in her and the mean girls are warning her away or else.Rachel gets stood up after school and decides to walk home. Walking she hears a motorcycle drive up and she is stunned by this boy that stops and offers her a ride. Normally she wouldn't accept rides with strangers, but something about this boy is mesmerizing. Rachel and Benji hit it off and he is keeping something from her.It is a little strange that the vampires don't really get mentioned throughout the book. But something about the way it is written keeps me coming back for more and I can't stop thinking about all the difficulties Rachel is going through that seems to make me feel for her. All the peer pressures, friends, mean girls, all so familiar, but with the added bonus of this sexy and mysterious Benji. I am looking forward to reading book 2 Taken.