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The Legacy of Kilkenny - Devyn Dawson After reading The Light Tamer, I just had to start this series as well. Devyn's style of writing has drawn me in and I am now addicted to her books. The Legacy of Kilkenny is no exception and is a werewolf story like no other.Abel is an ordinary 16 year old going to school, hanging with friends. One day a new girl starts and everybody is mesmerised by her. But Pru only has eyes for Abel. Over the days, they become good friends and all his school mates have no idea why Pru would be interested in Abel. As the days go on, Pru decides to tell Abel her secret and his as well. Abel is supposed to be the GREAT WOLF. The wolf that will bring all the clans together to unite against all others, as the prophecy claims.Pru is the daughter of the Alpha and has been assigned to train Abel in all things wolf. Abel takes to it like a duck on water. Soon news of the Great Wolf's arrival travelled far and wide. The clan from Kilkenny decided to come and see for themselves and convince Abel to join their clan. Things are starting to get complicated and very dangerous. Abel's sister is causing heartache for Abel by hanging with the wrong crowd and she seems to be changing. Adding to Abel's already stressful life.Murders have taken place and the Alpha is convinced it is Rogue wolves that are responsible. Danger is everywhere and Abel is still in training. Nobody is really sure what is going to happen. Can Abel become the Great Wolf in time? What about his feelings for Pru? Abel's sister, what is she going through? Will those responsible for the murders be found?This takes you on the journey with Abel, training, school and the wolf life. It is a fantastic action packed fast adventure story and I had to get Malevolence, book 2 straight away.