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The Light Tamer (The Light Tamer, #1) - Devyn Dawson This is my first Devyn Dawson novel and it was great. This was a unique storyline for me and I found it very enjoyable and fast paced.Jessie's alcoholic Father left them. Jessie's Mother couldn't handle things and they moved in with Jessie's Grandmother, Gayle. Gayle isn't your typical Grandmother and likes to be treated as a young hip woman. Spending the summer will drag on forever, so Jessie thinks. Until Gayle introduces Jessie to a friend from her childhood. Caleb! Caleb isn't what she remembers, not the geeky awkward boy from long ago. He is drop dead gorgeous and Jessie now feels like the awkward one. At first sight Jessie feels drawn to Caleb and lights start flickering. She finds this odd, but is too distracted with Caleb to think much of it. It's not long before Jessie and Caleb realise they are meant to be. Next Caleb is explaining things to Jessie about being a Light Tamer. Jessie has to always carry a flashlight and beware of the Shadows, there are dark ones as there are light ones.Caleb introduces Jessie to another Light Tamer, Amber. Amber is burdened with a Father that is disabled and a brother that had passed away. But Amber and Jessie become friends quickly and the three stick together like glue.Can Caleb and Jessie learn how to use their powers and stay out of the shadows? Will the dark ones leave them alone? Can Amber find her true love before her time runs out?This is a novel that keeps you guessing and has some unexpected paths along the way. I have fallen in love with Caleb and Jessie and cannot wait for Enlightened to be released this month.