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Dreamless (Starcrossed, #2) - Josephine Angelini This is another awesome installment in the Starcrossed series. I couldn't wait for the release of this one after the ending in Starcrossed and it didn't disappoint.Helen and Lucas are unable to be together because they are apparently related somewhere down the line. The tension between them causes problems for the whole family.Helen must travel to the underworld in order to destroy the furies. Destroying the furies will allow freedom among the Scions and putting a stop to the fighting. Helen must travel in her sleep, but also keep safe from those trying to stop her from succeeding.Enter Orion! He is on a mission to help Helen succeed and in the mean time feelings develop between the two.Will Helen be able to get over Lucas enough to give Orion a chance? Will she be able to destroy the furies to save the Scions? Will she die while attempting her mission?Amazing! Josephine has an unbelievable way of drawing the reader in that keeps turning pages until it's finished.