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Witches of East End - Melissa de la Cruz I enjoyed the Blue Blood series and was excited about this one. This is totally different and directed at adults more-so than teens. Love the witches, Joanna, Ingrid and Freya. Joanna is the Mother and takes great pride in her daughters abilities. They have had to hide their talents because of a situation back in the Salem Witch trials. Since then they haven't practiced until some strange things start to happen in their little town.Freya is the wild child, isn't afraid to speak her mind or show off her curves. Ingrid is the librarian and as such is more conservative. Each have their own unusual abilities. Ingrid and Freya secretly start to use their abilities within the town and Ingrid soon discovers that some of her patients have dark matter consuming them. Freya has found her long lost soul mate, but is he the right one?The sister's soon get into trouble for their witch craft and things go downhill. Will they be able to protect themselves and find love? Who is the responsible dark one?Loved the story! It is unique, fun and a easy read. Can't wait for the next one.