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The Magic Crystal - L.T. Suzuki This is an amazing adventure story for all ages. The journey that Princess Rose takes with her comrades is both physically and emotionally uplifting for her. Princess Rose is an only child in the Kingdom and as such is spoilt rotten. She treats all others horribly and demands everyone to follow her orders down to the tee. When she creates a plan to secure a tooth and demand wishes from the Tooth Fairy, her Jester, Tag, refuses to take part. Princess Rose decides she is desperate for all she can wish for and still carries on with her plan. The Tooth Fairy is caught and demands to be free, Princess Rose demands her wishes. Tooth Fairy becomes human size and takes the Princess to be punished by the King and Queen. The King being the soft hearted father that he is couldn't bear to punish her and advised the fairy to punish her instead. The Tooth Fairy placed a curse of her that if she didn't change her ways, she would become what she fears most. The Tooth Fairy also told her of the Dream Merchant, the only wizard that can grant her wishes in return for a fee. The wizard gives the Princess a dreamstone that will grant her 3 wishes in 24 hours. The next morning, Princess discovered that all the staff and her parents couldn't recognise her; they only saw a lowly commoner. She was chased from the palace grounds and left to fend for herself. Tag discovers the Princess and can see her as she is. They decide to go on a quest to seek out the Tooth Fairy and find a way to remove the curse. Befriending the village idiot, Cankles leads them to the Tooth Fairy's castle. The Tooth Fairy tells them one way to lift the curse is to find the locket that has been left in the Land of Big. The trio travel through the lands making allies and learning of new cultures and customs. While traveling, an evil sorcerer discovers the Princess has the dreamstone and wants to steal it. This is an amazing adventure like no other, full of action but hilarious in the way the characters carry on throughout their journey. Like the Imago Chronicles, Lorna has the amazing talent to draw the reader into the adventure and make you keep turning the pages. My favourite character would have to be Cankles; he is stupidly clever and endearing. I highly recommended this to all readers.Next in the series is The Dream Merchant: Book Two, The Silver Sword and I can't wait to read it.