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Legacy of Blood - Alex Connor This book is amazing to say the least. I haven’t read a good murder mystery contemporary fiction novel for a while and this was awesome. From the first chapter I was drawn into the mystery and history that is involved.William Hogarth is an infamous artist who created a masterpiece that is shameful and dangerous. A painting done in 1732, William paints the Prince of Wales with his mistress and she is with child. William is warned! He is then requested to visit a crime scene, which he finds this woman dead. William now holds the most sacred secret that can cause the royal throne irrevocable trouble. There is another heir to the throne that is the biggest national secret in history.Going forward a few centuries, this secret is still being passed down generation to generation with proof. In the art world, this painting has been stolen, unbeknownst to the secret holder. On a private plane trip, the new owner of this dangerous painting has a panic attack and tells a fellow art dealer about his find. Everybody aboard the plane overhears and they are all now in grave danger, they just don’t know it. They think they are able to sell off this painting, which has been told as a myth, but now seems real to all.Victor is an ex-con and has been hired to investigate the death of a passenger. Along his journey, threats against his life are made and those of the other passengers. Following a trail that seems to lead in circles, Victor discovers things about himself as well as the art world, that weren’t known before. Who stole the painting and is now holding it? Who is the descendant? Who are the secret holders that have had the burden to carry this for centuries?Along the journey, you follow Victor through all the twists and turns of the plot, with surprises along the way. Seeing the gruesome details; the betrayals that cause this dangerous secret to become known to others. I loved the book and the little history chapters added in from the artists’ point of view. The story was easy to follow and addictive; creating suspense that makes the reader keep turning pages. I highly recommend this to all murder mystery readers.