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Switched  - Amanda Hocking I love this series! Who would’ve thought that a community of Trolls could be so amazing and unbelievably remarkable! The world and characters that Amanda Hocking has created is awe-inspiring and so unique.This begins with a troubled teen, Wendy. She lives with her Aunt Maggie and brother, Matt. They move around a lot because Wendy is forever getting into trouble and being expelled from schools. But there is a reason she is so troubled. When she was six and having her birthday party, Wendy’s mother tried to kill her.One afternoon while helping Matt in the garden, Wendy feels like somebody is watching her. Wendy investigates and finds it is Finn, the boy from school. Another night she sees a shadow out of her window and thinks it is Finn again. Wendy climbs out her bedroom window and goes looking for Finn. It isn’t Finn! There are two people, one in front and the other behind Wendy. They try to kidnap her, but Wendy puts up a fight. Finn comes to her rescue and fights them off and they run. Finn tells Wendy she is Trylle or a Troll and she must return to the Trylle community for safety.Wendy lives in a palace and Finn is burdened with the hard task of teaching Wendy everything regarding the Trylle, history, current events and etiquette. Wendy must have a coming out ball and that is another whole learning affair.Wendy is still being chased; she must learn everything she can as quickly as she can; become friends with new people; fall in love; learn to dance and dress; and that is just to name a few things that are happening within Wendy’s new life. Will Wendy overcome her uneasiness? Who are the people chasing her and why? What about her Aunt and brother?I fell in love with Wendy’s dramatic life within the first chapter. I had read the original eBook a long time ago and was excited to receive this one for review. There is a new short story at the end and it was amazing. This short story is about Loki (which we will hear more of in book two and three) and his point of view about the attempts on capturing Wendy. This is a definite must read for young adult fantasy romance readers. I am extremely excited about the covers and the difference between the original and the current versions. I love the Australian, but the US is also awesome. Can’t wait for Torn to be released and is due out around February 2012.