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Desired (The Vampire Journals #5) - Morgan Rice Another good addition to the series. The story is continuing with the search for the Shield and Caitlin's father.Caitlin again travels back in time in search for her father and the ever elusive Shield that will save all Vampires. Caitlin has gone back a couple years to 1789. She finds Caleb and everything seems perfect until Caleb receives a message. Off he goes and Caitlin is left alone and hurting.Caitlin begins the search again and off on another treasure hunt. Going from beautiful church and scenery to beautiful church, all set in Paris. Will Caitlin find the Shield and her Father? What will happen with Caleb? Will Sam, her brother find true love and the Shield?The descriptions and amazing detailing involved in the book is the best part. Morgan has such vivid details and Caitlin is only building her character with every Journal.Next is Betrothed #6. [b:Betrothed|12822765|Betrothed (Vampire Journals, #6)|Morgan Rice|http://ecx.images-amazon.com/images/I/41e1-6LQq6L._SL75_.jpg|17972446]