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Vampire Academy: The Graphic Novel - Emma Vieceli, Leigh Dragoon, Richelle Mead I absolutely loved this version of Vampire Academy. I am officially a fan of Graphic Novels and can't get enough. This one in particular was awesome, full of beautifully illustrated action scenes and told the story to a T from the original book.Rose is a Dhampir, not human, but not vampire (Moroi) either. A perfect mixture of both that can protect the vampires once she graduates into Guardian status. This starts with Rose and her best friend Lissa (a Moroi)on the run. Rose thinks she is protecting Lissa, but they are found and made to return to St Vladimir's Academy.Rose is trying to work out what Lissa's actual abilities are and how she is connected to her. All the while, Lissa is being attacked and ridiculed and Rose wants it to stop.Of course there is Dimitri also. He is so very handsome in this graphic novel and is the beginning of the forbidden love between Dimitri and Rose.Awesome, I highly recommend this to all Vampire Academy fans. A must have and a perfect addition into the Vampire Academy series.Can't wait for number 2: Frostbite : The Graphic Novel