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Gabriel's Return - Steve Umstead Wow, a full action packed book two in the Evan Gabriel trilogy. This installment follows Gabriel doing routine duty on Mars when one of the Governor’s requests his team to accept a mission to Eden. The planet was given the name because it looks like Eden, perfect, but this planet is anything but! The Governor’s son is kidnapped by a community of Rebels and a whole team of students is taken hostage. Gabriel ready’s his team to embark on a mission that isn’t official. They board their ship and meet with 2 new team members. Gabriel is apprehensive about receiving new members, especially after the last mission.While the team are traveling and preparing for the mission, ulterior motives are being planned and undertaken. Mars is going under some changes within the Government.Gabriel acquaints himself with the team and memories of his past mission to Eden come back to haunt him. Eden is full of scary and strange flora and fauna; nobody really understands what is ahead of them. Arriving seems quite normal and they are getting ready to set out when an explosion erupts. This is the first of many challenges the team has to face along the way to find the hostages and bring them back alive. The Rebels have some horrific ideas of how to slow down Gabriel’s team along the trek. Who will have the courage to continue through the unknown jungle to the Rebels before dark?The way Steve presents the written images and details is so vivid you feel as if you are trekking through the jungle on Eden. His easy flowing way of writing is awesome and I became addicted easily and needed to find out what Gabriel’s next problem was. This series is fantastic and I highly recommend this to all. ~ Katie Turner (The Kindle Book Review)