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A Warrior's Tale - L.T. Suzuki Fantastically written first book in the series, I loved it and cannot wait to read the next. Lorna has an amazing talent to create a world that seems so realist and the characters are so varied. This story is just amazing and is coming to film.A Warriors Tale is exactly that, it follows Nayla from her beginning through to her long journey. Nayla is the only child of the High Elf, Lord Dahlon Treeborn. As soon as Nayla was born her father has not treated her kindly. One dreadful night after being punished, an Elf discoveres Nayla and whisks her away to safety. This first night was the beginning of the rest of her life. Nayla was taken to the infamous Kagai Warriors and she asked to remain there out of reach of her father. As she stayed, she watched the Warriors train and became accustomed to their ways. Nayla is half elf and half mortal, she is neither here nor there and didn’t have the normal abilities of the elf or the short life of a mortal. Over the time she stayed with the Warriors, Nayla began to train and became a Warrior Maiden. She was known throughout the land as an awe-inspiring warrior and all wanted to be by her side during battle.Her tale continues through the ages from bloody battle to bloody battle. She finds love and wisdom and a brotherhood that lasts for generations. Nayla accepts her fate and journey’s to find her ancestors and ask for the alliance to be renewed as they are all under attack. Will Nayla be able to find Wyndwood in time and alive?Fantastic story; it is so full of action that anyone would admire all of the detailing. There is love, friendship and hardships all included. I laughed along with Nayla and cried during her heartaches, it seems so real the way Lorna has written the story. I highly recommended this book to all fantasy lovers. ~ Katie Turner (The Kindle Book Review)