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Tales from Frewyn: The Opera - Michelle Franklin This is a hilarious short read, but it gives you a look into the lives of the Commander and Den Asaan Rautu as a couple. This is another beautifully written story by Michelle Franklin.The Frewyn Players at the Royal Theatre in Diras are creating a performance. They have decided to do something different from the usual performances they present. The director decided to tell the love tale of the Commander and Den Asaan Rautu, but he seemed to exaggerate and included a few untruths. A couple of the Commanders’ men witnessed the poster being put up and had to have a look for themselves. Upon examining the poster, they discovered the whole thing looked horribly wrong. The poster was taken to the Commander; they didn’t want to risk the wrath of Den Asaan Rautu. The Commander thought this production to be a farce and then she went to visit King Alasdair. He also thought it to be funny and wanted to see the production for himself. Invitations were handed out and the picture Den Asaan Rautu saw was horrible to him, he demanded to see a pre-screening to make sure everything was above board.I absolutely loved this and laughed and laughed and laughed. This is a beautiful take on the couple’s devotion to each other and Den Asaan Rautu’s loyalty and commitment to the Commanders well-being. Is a must read to all series fans. ~ Katie Turner (The Kindle Book Review)