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Double Clutch: A Brenna Blixen Novel (Volume 1) - Liz Reinhardt This is an amazing young adult romance read! I found it extremely easy to read and couldn't stop turning the pages. Liz really knows how to draw you in and allow you to become apart of the characters. Brenna Blixen is a typical teenage girl of fifteen. She was living in Denmark with her mother and step-father for a year and then moved back to America. She had to restart school and became the new girl, even though she only missed a year. Brenna hooks up with her best friend again and they instantly start where they left off. Brenna meets a boy in her government class, Saxon. He's a typical bad boy with brains and takes an instant wanting of Brenna. Brenna is going to Technical School in the afternoons to study graphic design and she meets another boy, Jake in her class. Jake appears to be the shy innocent boy, but nothing is as it appears. They all have baggage!Brenna finds herself in the biggest love triangle in history. Both boys fight for her attention, Saxon with all the brains, looks and attitude; while Jake has the looks and smarts. Brenna doesn't know who to take to. Brenna seems to think Jake needs her more than Saxon and Saxon seems to give too much attitude and just assumes Brenna will fall for him. Who will win Brenna's heart in the end? Will she acknowledge her deep feelings or just take what's on the surface?This book took me back to my teenage years and the young love that you discover in high school. All the experimenting and new feelings, the love you think you find, but don't really know what it is. The emotions that are in here is so very real, that you feel them all over again. I am so excited that this will be a series and can't wait for Junk Miles.