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The Angels Are Here (Paradox, #1) - Patti Roberts The world that Patti creates is unbelievable and I can’t wait for more when Progeny of Innocence is released. The Angels Are Here isn’t long enough to quench my thirst from this story. Another great aspect is that it is set in Australia, nothing like a home grown book.Grace is a child that has the perfect family and has an ability to see Angels. She goes to ballet lessons one day under protest and in her reflection of the car window sees another child looking back. Hope is her savior and allows Grace some happiness and gives her confidence to enjoy her childhood. Everything was going along smoothly; every day had a routine, until she arrives home from school to find her world torn apart. Grace is also starting to have visions and nightmares. These visions make Grace faint and she is taken into another time and place in the past. She relives previous lives and her demise. This is something no child should endure, but Grace accepts what it is and tries to move on with her life. She doesn’t make friends easily and when she tells Hope to leave, Angela steps in. Angela is still getting used to being a child again; Grace accepts the things Angela says as just being funny, but what is really behind Angela’s old soul comments? Is she sent to protect Grace or destroy her? Why is Grace having these visions? Is she in danger and if so, from what?I loved this book and really became addicted to it. When Grace’s life was torn apart I was crying along with her. Patti has a gift that allows the readers to live the lives with her characters. I really would have liked it to be longer and thankfully I will not have to wait much longer for book 2.