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Whirl (Ondine Quartet, #1) - Emma Raveling I am very glad that this will be a 4 book series. The first book in the series introduces us to Kendra. Kendra is a 17 year old ondine, a descendent from Dessondines, water creatures.Kendra was living in the human world, when things go wrong, she is taken to the ondine community of Harverleau, where she can learn to harness her abilities and her destiny. Kendra is accustomed to starting a new school, as she had to move around a lot, so this one was no different. With all schools there is a hierarchy and Kendra quickly works out where she is in the order. Kendra makes friends quickly, but enemies even quicker.Kendra is attractive, she draws a lot of attention because of her beauty, but also because she is the prophesised saviour to her kind. Kendra doesn’t want to believe she is this ONE, but none the less, has to face the music and accept her responsibilities. Kendra causes trouble wherever she goes and doesn’t like being taken care of. She believes she can take care of herself without anybodies help. One of her protectors is Tristan, Kendra can’t seem to keep her mind out of the gutter when he is around her. Then there is Ryder and Julian and a whole lot of other boys that just can‘t help but want her. This book has non-stop action, love and an amazing world that has never been seen before. The issues that Kendra has to face are quite realistic in terms of teenage angst and rebellion, excluding the special abilities of course. I absolutely loved this book and was blubbering at the end. I am totally addicted to this series and cannot wait for book 2.