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The Commander And The Den Asaan Rautu - Michelle Franklin WOW - that is all I can say, end of story.Loved this book, it was addictive and endearing and just awesome. This would be great made into a movie.It follows the Commander, an orphaned woman who joins the military to take revenge on those who killed her Father. While she is defending her country, the Commander goes for weapons only to find a Giant in the holding cells. She offers him a deal, if he helps win the battle, she will allow him to be free. The Den Asaan Rautu accepts her offer and helps her defend and win the battle. He then accepts her offer to stay and help defend her country from the war.When the war is over, Rautu wanted to return to his home. The Commander was invited to return with him as well. On their journey they become engrossed in each other. Not wanting to be apart from each others company. The Den Asaan Rautu is agressive & stubborn, but on the inside is truly capable of love.The characters and world that is created is amazing to say the least. Fantasy seems to be a small word for what this book offers. The book offers non stop action, sexual tension that will make the hairs stand up on your neck in anticipation and the whole atmosphere was to crystal clear, you can absolutely picture the scenes in your mind.I highly recommend this to all Fantasy lovers. Other books in Michelle Franklin's collection: Tales from Frewyn: Short Stories from the Haanta Series Vol. 1 Khantara: A Haanta Novel Tales from Frewyn: The Reporter from Marridon