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Storm Born - Richelle Mead This was fantastic. It is full of action, intrigue, love, sex & humor. It has it all!Eugenie is such a complex character, but really has it all. She is a shaman, ridding Tuscon of all the otherworldly creatures that are causing trouble. She starts to see a pattern & all the trouble makers are male & trying to have their way with her. It is discovered that there is a prophecy that she will have a son that will take over the human world. Eugenie goes on a quest to rescue a teenage girl from the otherworld & finds herself betrayed & that the girl doesn't want to be rescued. This is just the beginning. Eugenie discovers the truth behind her father & her true heritage. She is now on a mission to find out what is going on, but that means staying with the enemy. Eugenie finds love in the most unlikely places. She has men falling all over her & all sorts of creatures trying to convince her of their worthiness. Who will Eugenie choose? Will she decide the gentry are not as bad as all that? Next book in the series Thorn Queen