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Diary of the Displaced - Book 1 - The Journal of James Halldon - Glynn James This was a great read. Something out of the norm & has twists & turns along the way. It was addictive, I couldn't put it down until I read what was written for that diary entry. Loved the diary aspect & it was spooky as all get out. James wakes up in the dark, if you weren't scared of the dark before reading, you will be worried afterwards. Man! Glynn has a very scary imagination. James doesn't know what has happened or where he is. Can't see anything, but starts hearing howls in the darkness. James starts his journey to find his way back home. He becomes courageous, self sufficient & a warrior. He finds he isn't the only one living down in the dark. His first thoughts are to find food, water & light. James is a smoker & find his lighter, then puts some things together to make a fire & torches. Builds up his courage to go exploring for food. Since he is in the junk yard, starts collecting items to help him along the way. Creates a cart to carry his items & food. He starts dreaming & his dreams give him directions to a shack near water, so off he goes. James' journey is long, dangerous & full of surprises. He also makes some friends along the way, now I know why dogs are called mans best friend. This was a fantastic read & I can't wait to read the next in the series. Chasing Spirits