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The Iron King  - Julie Kagawa This was a fantastic read & will be a fabulous series. Meghan was a supposedly normal teenage girl. Had the normal issues at school & at home. Until close to her 16th birthday she started seeing things out of the corner of her eye. Things that couldn't possibly be real, creatures that couldn't possibly exist. Her 4 year old step-brother kept seeing things & she just thought it was his imagination, until this one day she arrived home to find her mother lying on the floor covered with blood. Her little brother was standing near by & attacked her. This was very strange, then her best friend Robbie revealed the world that was hidden from her for 16 years. Her little brother, Ethan was switched for a changeling. Meghan is now on a mission to find her brother no matter the cost. Robbie takes her to his world. Filled with strange creatures. She finds her true father, the King of the Seelie Court. She discovers love prince of the Unseelie Court traveled with a Cheshire cat. Discovers she has powers. All amazing considering she didn't know any of these existed a couple of days ago. Meghan has to fight her way through everything. She has help from Robbie, the dark prince Ash & the cheshire cat Grim. They are looking for the Iron King & his realm. He has kidnapped her brother. This was an amazing book, with amazingly imaginative ideas of faeries & their kingdoms. It was full of action & teenage love. Can't wait to read the next installment, The Iron Daughter.