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Richelle Mead's The Dark Swan: Storm Born - Richelle Mead, Grant Alter, Dave Haman, Adam Markiewicz This was wonderfully supplied by Sea Lion Books. Thank you!I really loved the graphics in this one. The bright colours & Eugenie's hair, it is fantastic. I haven't started this series yet, but have it on my TBR list. After reading this issue, I I'll be starting them next. I really loved this one. Eugenie is a Shaman. She rids the world of ghosts & Otherworldly creatures. This issue starts with her exorcising a Keres from a shoe. Once completed she speaks with her secretary regarding job offers & about a strange job request. A brother calls about his missing sister, she has been gone for over a year & has received information of her location. Faeries have kidnapped her & if Eugenie accepts the job, she will have to go into the otherworld body & spirit. This isn't something she takes lightly & it is very dangerous. Unsure of her decision, Eugenie goes out to a bar. A very cute guy sits down on the stool next to her. They start conversing about dating rituals & Eugenie ends up back at his hotel room. Things get very heated & after some wine, more heat increasing activities ensue. Then all of a sudden everything goes cold. An ice spirit appears & it's to be continued....What a cliffhanger. Will Eugenie take the missing sister job? What about the ice monster? And the hot guy? I'll just have to read issue #2.