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Destined - Morgan Rice Caitlin has gone back in time to 1790. She finds herself buried & struggling to escape her burial. She isn't sure what is going on or if she is still a vampire. Caitlin musters her strength & jumps from her grave to find a bunch of villagers. This is just the beginning of her difficult journey to find the destined shield. Caitlin goes from one point to the next searching for her love(s) & her father. She finds friends along the way that she thought only belonged in the future. Caitlin follows her heart to find Caleb. Discovers he is with Sera & their son. Caitlin is heart broken & turns to Blake. They work their way to finding the shield & are captured by none other than Kyle. Caitlin has to compete in the Vampire Games, just like gladiators. Everybody is surprised by her strength & agility, she beats all of their warriors & beasts. The only one left is her brother, Sam. He won't fight & injures Kyle. They take flight to the last clue in their journey. Ending at the Vatican, they arrive only to find themselves heading back in time again. Te shield & their father are back further. What will happen to Caitlin, Caleb & Sam?Great read, all action, love & suspense. Can't wait to read Desired, to see where they end up & if they will find their father & the shield.