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Flutter - Amanda Hocking This was a fantastic follow on from Fate & another awesome book by Amanda Hocking.This continues to follow a love triangle with Alice, Jack & Peter. Alice has chosen Jack, but continues to struggle with her feelings for Peter. Now that Alice is a full fledged vampire, she is struggling with her bloodlust for Jack & trying to stay in control.Peter has disappeared & news comes over that he is getting into trouble with the wrong crowd. On a suicidal mission with a pack of rogue vampires.Ezra & Alice travel to track him down & save him from this pack. It doesn't turn out too well with Ezra trading his life for Peters. They escape back home only to be tracked by the pack.Mae is also on a mission to turn her great-granddaughter whom is terminally ill.There is a lot going on in this one, full of mystery & action. Another fantastic book in the series. Final book to follow is Wisdom.