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Unscrupulous (The Manhattanites, #2) - Avery Aster WOW WEE! This was such a fun and exciting read I was hooked. I love Ms Aster’s writing style, with everyday speech and attitudes I am sure some people would be able to relate. Even though Unscrupulous has some naughty scenes, it has a romantic story with interesting characters. It’s not all about the naughtiness. This series is fantastic because you can read each book as a standalone with all the main characters interconnecting throughout. I actually read Unscrupulous before reading Undressed and there were absolutely no spoilers for either. PLUS the no cliff-hanger ending!Tabitha Adelaide Brillford, better known as Taddy Brill is a self-made millionaire. She has created her own publicity business with her school friend Blake. Taddy’s parents shipped her off to boarding school with Lex Easton, her childhood friend and there they met Blake and Vive.Taddy’s an only child and her parent’s seemed to be fighting more when she gets called into the study, her Father refuses to talk to her. Something funny is going on? Her parents tell her that they are sending her away to boarding school, never to see her parent’s again.Warner Truman is also a self-made millionaire with a chain of exclusive and expensive hotels around the world. His hotels are extraordinary and have a policy for privacy where all celebrities go to relax away from prying eyes. Both have very successful, but have very busy businesses and no time for relationships. Taddy has a few secrets and pleasures of her own, while Warner is all business and after being burned, refuses to commit to anybody.With different reasons, they both end up in St Barth’s. Warner is checking up on his hotel and Taddy is vacationing at his hotel. After some spa treatments, Taddy is ready to hit the club with Vive. Rocking up and ready to party, Taddy spots her secret crush, but on closer inspection, it’s Warner not the football star.Never the less, Taddy and Warner strike up a conversation about champagne and after the “friendly” discussion, they head back to Warner’s place. Anxious with excitement, Taddy (using an alias as RED) and Warner arrive only to find that Warner’s past has caught up with him. Taddy doesn’t need any more drama in her life and leaves.Warner is disappointed and cannot think of anything but Red, her red hair and special crystals. After trying to find out who she really is, he has to wait and continues on with his busy life.Taddy sends her assistant, Kiki to the Cannes Film Festival and after a very public scandalous scene from her room, she is arrested. As this happened at Warner’s hotel in France, he wants damages paid. Taddy heads to France to rescue her sweet and innocent assistant and discovers Warner and his true identity.Making a deal, Taddy and Warner have to spend time with each other for damage control and the longer they are together, the more attracted they become. Taddy discovers that Warner has a lot of talents besides a successful business and is very excited.At home again, Taddy has to deal with some personal issues and is worried that Warner was just leading her on. Can Taddy and Warner share their secrets and let down the walls around their hearts? Can they be together even though their worlds are very different? What about everything that happened in the past?Unscrupulous is a very exciting read that I thoroughly enjoyed. I couldn’t stop thinking about the characters and their quirkiness that I had to pick up Undressed straight after. I am certainly looking forward to reading Blake’s story in Unsaid that is due for release in November. I really admired Taddy with her strong will for success, but caring nature that she keeps hidden behind her aggressive attitude. Bring on Unsaid!!