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Right of Way - Lauren Barnholdt I haven’t read a book by Ms Barnholdt before and gee whiz, I will be adding her to my list. I really loved her writing style, such an easy flow and fun to read. I have never read about a boy that is as sensitive as Jace and I found him to be a lovable guy. My favourite character in the book was definitely Hector, who can’t help but love the dog that seems to bring these two together.Peyton is going to a family wedding with her parents and has now been told that Jace will be attending as well. Peyton doesn’t know how to feel about this, excited but nervous as well. Since their breakup so to speak, Peyton has been trying with all her might to not even think about him.They met at a party while Peyton was visiting her cousin and Peyton was instantly attracted to him. Knowing she probably didn’t have a chance, Jace obviously had different ideas. They started talking and talking and talking and soon became friends. When Peyton had to return home, they continued talking over the phone and hoped to meet up again very soon. But that didn’t happen, all of a sudden Jace stopped replying to her texts, emails and everything, without an explanation or anything, Peyton was heartbroken.Peyton gets stranded at the wedding, her best friend got busted and their plans to run away for the summer thwarted. Peyton had no money and no means of getting home, what was she to do? In walks Jace at her vulnerable moment, they seemed civil with each other during the wedding and Jace was checking up on her. Peyton spilled to beans that she had no ride home and Jace made the decision to drive her himself.What Peyton didn’t tell him was her secret(s), she wasn’t going home. Before going to the wedding, Peyton had a call from a credit card company to say she hadn’t made a payment in a long time, but Peyton doesn’t even have a credit card. So who has the credit card in her name?During the road trip, Peyton and Jace have to come to terms with what happened between them in the past. Peyton has to accept her own issues and that she didn’t have any control over them. Running away from your problems never solved anything and Peyton has to face her parents and their family issues before she can get on with her future.The way this book was written is fantastic and unusual, it would jump from past to present, but also with the point of views from both Jace and Peyton. With each chapter I had to keep reading to see where the other character was up to and to see if Peyton would face her fears. I haven’t read Two-Way Street and felt a little confused to begin with, but once I got into the story, that didn’t matter. Right of Way was a great read and I can’t wait to pick up another Lauren Barnholdt book.