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Billow - Emma Raveling This is a fantastic book 2 in the series and was full on action and intrigue.Kendra is under extreme pressure as the Sondaleur and is working herself to the bone to be prepared. She is in the elite program and trying her hardest not to let the GIRL side of her be weak. She wants to be treated as any other trainee. Kendra finds it harder than she expects; when they ask her to stop using her powers to defeat her opponents, she has to find a happy medium.The threat of the Shadow looms ever closer, as does the prophecy. As the sole heir to the kingdom, family issues are another item to add to her never ending list to sort out.Kendra takes it upon herself to discover who is kidnapping kids and why. She isn't supposed to go around unaccompanied, but is that going to stop this strong willed teen? Of course not and she gets into so much trouble.Kendra's feelings for Tristan do not lessen and the tension between the two is so thick you can cut it with a knife. Kendra attempts to ignore him and her feelings, but when she is determined to investigate the kidnappings, Tristan and Kendra are drawn together.Trouble close to home causes Kendra to kick up a gear and time is running out. Will they discover the Shadow? Will they rescue the kidnapped children? Will Tristan and Kendra acknowledge their feeling?Billow is another awesome novel from Emma Raveling. Emma's easy flow of the story and the way the characters come together are what makes this series a must read. I can't wait to read book 3, Crest.