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Bonjour Cherie - Robin Thomas This was a very fun novella set in Australia that I really enjoyed. Being a novella I read this in a day and really loved the comedic aspect, with Beth’s no nonsense attitude and typical Australian responses, I highly recommend this for a light entertaining read.Beth has dreamed of going to Paris her whole life and putting off going to college to fulfil her dream, has started taking a French language course. Beth has fantasized about her French teacher, Andre and is working up the courage to make her intentions known. She will not even look at another man because Andre is it!Week three in the course and in walks Zach Mills. Handsome and arrogant Zach immediately sets his sights on Beth. Beth refuses to acknowledge him and is still determined to get together with Andre. But when circumstances keep pushing them together, Beth has no choice but to realise how hot and alluring Zach is.Can Beth realise what is right in front of her nose instead of trying to get the attention of Andre? She is attracted to Zach, so why ignore it? Will Andre ever actually acknowledge Beth’s existence as more than a student?See how Beth copes and discovers who the real man she should be vying attention for. Bonjour Cherie has some surprises and fun installed and I can’t wait to find another enjoyable read by Ms Thomas.